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Black Russian Terrier Puppy Growth Charts

The puppy growth chart shown below should be used only as a guideline. Breeding of Black Russian Terriers may or may not produce average-size puppies. Should you have concerns about your puppies’ size in relation to the chart;  it is  recommended that you first talk to your breeder or your vet. 

One thing that you should take into consideration is the size of the litter. For example, large litters; 8 or more puppies, may result in smaller-size puppies. The bitch only has so many nipples to feed her litter and it is here that the breeder must intervene and make sure that all the puppies are nursed equally.

The Black Russian Terrier puppies grow at an alarming rate. Owners should be aware that because they are a large breed with a rapid growth spurt; ligaments and muscles may not develop at the same rate as the dog grows. Although this is normal, exercise at this stage should be minimized. 

It is very important that new-born puppies are carefully looked after. Especially if it is the bitch’s first litter. Although she is inexperienced, natural instincts do come into play. She may not have developed enough milk yet, and it is the duty of the breeder to provide alternate solutions to resolve this problem. Feeding puppies is essential to their survival and growth.

Once the puppy is weaned off of the mother’s milk, it is important to feed the puppy a good premium dog food which will be fundamental for proper growth. For large breeds, it is essential that puppy food includes natural glucosamine and chondroitin. One of the better foods for puppies is raw dog food. Beware of foods with grain.

Male 2 m.o- 10 m.o. 

Female 2 m.o- 10 m.o. 

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