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Home of Iz Teremka Black Russian Terrier Kennel

Welcome to Black Russian Terrier - Iz Teremka Kennel - A Pet Service of many Black Russian Terrier champions.

Iz Teremka Kennel is dedicated to the breeding of Black Russian Terriers by developing and preserving the best qualities of the old working Siberian Black Russian Terrier bloodlines. Here at our website you will find interesting information pertaining to the Black Russian Terrier including an Overview of the Black Russian Terrier, History of the Black Russian TerrierBlack Russian Terrier Health Issues, Black Russian Terrier Temperament, Black Russian Terrier Puppies for Sale, Black Russian Terrier Puppy Growth ChartsOur Black Russian Terriers and how to go about purchasing a Black Russian Terrier Puppy and much more.

All Iz Teremka BRT Kennel videos can be viewed at the You-Tube Channel Black Russian Terrier Kennel | Ontario | Iz Teremka BRT Kennel

Terrier or Not ?

Is the BRT a real Terrier? Although, the linage breedings were shared by the “real terriers”, the BRT per se is not a “terrier” within the strict use of the word “terrier”. There were over seventeen breeds of dogs that were used to "manufacture" the Black Russian Terrier. He is a alpha working dog of majestic, powerful and robust qualities belonging to the Working Group classification of registered pure bred dogs. The Terrier Group is a completely different group with a completely unlike standard.

Black Russian Terrier Aliases

The BRT is called and known by different names and is referred to as the Black Terrier, Russian Pearl, Tchiorny Terrier, Chornyi, Svart Terrier, Terrier Noir Russe, Stalin's Dog, Russian Bear Schnauzer, Sort Russisk Terrier, Blackie, Terrier Ruso Negro, Czarny Terier Rosyjski and lastly BRT.

Synopsis Of A Black Russian Terrier

The mysterious Black Russian Terrier is a working guard dog who is:


  • Odourless.

  • Large, majestic, confident, loyal, lovable, obedient, protective and powerful dog.

  • Adaptable to your life style.

  • Highly intelligent and very smart

  • An easily trainable, multipurpose working dog.

  • Great with children.

  • Great companion.

  • Participates in dog activities.

  • Excellent at conformation.

  • Great as pets.

  • Would love you to death.

  • Instinctive.

  • Inquisitive.

  • Curious

  • Not for a first time owner.


More detailed information can be found at the Black Russian Terrier Overview


Lana kneeling in the background with Black Russian Terriers (l-r) Femir, grandmother Groosha and Milia
Iz Teremka Objective, Training and Black Russian Terrier Rescue.

Iz Teremka's business objective is to produce healthy dogs with excellent confirmation, postural attributes and solid confident temperament. Our bitches are kept in good condition and are bred according to our veterinary guidelines.

​Our foundation stock is comprised of males, females and numerous co-owned males and females. Our dogs are members of our family, and as such, they live in the house with us and receive as much socialization as possible. They all attend obedience training and participate in activities with other dogs including conformation, rally, barn hunt, lure coursing and other activities.


In addition, our Kennel is actively involved in the rescue of Black Russian Terriers who have been abandoned by their owners. or owners who for some reason cannot take care of their Black Russian Terriers, or any other situation where the life of a Black Russian Terrier is at stake.

We also volunteer in a network rescue transportation, where dogs and cats are being transported from one location to another location

Multi.Ch. Hranitel Dinasty Bogdan Tarasovich Iz Teremka group 3rd at Grannd River Kennel Club show 2013
MultiCh. Eremey Son Lari Iz Teremka , group 4th and Multi.Ch. What a Wonderful Girl, aka Glasha group 3rd BBE at Kingston and District Kennel club, 2015
MultiCh. Eremey Son Lari Iz Teremka, aka Blitzen. Best of Winners at BRTCA specialty 2015.
Black Russian Terrier Breeder Ontario Canada

 As a Black Russian Terrier breeder in Ontario, Canada, we periodically, have Black Russian Terrier puppies for sale. Our Black Russian Terrier puppies are American Kennel Club (AKC) and Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) registered, micro-chipped, up to date with their vaccinations. Each puppy comes with a health guarantee. All of our puppies are sold with contracts, whether it is a show dog with breeding rights or just a pet with limited registration. We are happy to say that we have been in the Black Russian Terrier business for 15 years and we  have lots of returning customers, so references are available upon request.

Please check our Puppies for Sale for puppy availability

CKC Ch. Nochka Larisa Dochka, CGN , aka Aleta and Pointy Pilat Iz Teremka
Kalinka’s Groosha Iz Teremka and Lana
Wedding of Aleta and Pointy Pilat
Kennel Location

Our Kennel is located in Central Frontenac Ontario, near to the to the beautiful limestone city of Kingston Ontario and the nation's capital Ottawa Ontario. For our good friends in the United States, we can be reached by Interstate 81 via Watertown New York.

You are welcomed to visit our Kennel at any time. Just give us a call at 613 531 6207 for an appointment.

Lana and Her Two Male Black Russian Terriers
Lana stacking, Pleyada Buyany Ildar It Ipsilon, aka Danik 6 month old
Augusta New Jersey

Thank you for visiting our website! Should you have any questions or require any information on Black Russian Terriers, please do not hesitate to contact

Lana & Carlyle Bunny Lochan

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