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Finding and Purchasing a Black Russian Terrier Puppy

  Adding any puppies to your family is a large commitment requiring careful consideration. We hope the information in this guide will give you some of the facts you need to decide if a Black Russian Terrier puppy is the right dog for you, and if so, how to go about finding one that will be a great addition to your family. However, there is no substitute for getting “up close and personal.”

Consider The Cost Of Having a BRT Puppy For The Life-Time

  How much does a puppy cost, monthly feeding expenses, grooming cost Vet costs, Housing needs, other expenses: like leashes, collars, and miscellaneous supplies. Of course you’ll also need food and water dishes – stainless steel ones will last the longest. Obedience classes: For the sake of your dog, yourself, and your neighbors, you should enroll in some kind of obedience classes. At a minimum, a puppy class, followed by a basic manners class, is essential, even if you plan to go no further in competitive obedience. Group classes can cost anywhere from $75 and up for a 6-8 week course. Private lessons are more, of course.

Finding and Evaluating a Breeder

 Finding the right breeder can be the most important step you take in selecting your BRT puppy. For this reason, the Iz Teremka BRT Kennel offers the following suggestions:

  • Talk and visit with as many breeders as possible

  • Be prepared to wait for a puppy

  • Expect a written contract and a health guarantee

  • Ask to see pedigree of puppy.

  • Ask if puppy can/will be registered with the country kennel club and if registration papers will be given.

  • Ask what medicals have been done on the sire and dam.

  • Ask to see all medical reports including hip and elbow dysplasia, HUU, Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis and Polyneuropathy (JLLP), Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) Reports.

  • Request references

Questions a Good Breeder May Ask You

  • Where do you intend to keep the puppy?

  • Who is going to be responsible for grooming?

  • How much time will the puppy stay home alone?

  • Can I talk to your vet?

  • Have you owned a giant breed dog before?

  • Are you aware of the costs involved if your dog should develop medical problems?

  Please take your time, make sure that the BRT pup is what you want to add to your family. Be patient, a BRT puppy is an important investment and will hopefully be with you for many years to come; understand that it may take several months, or even a year or two, to get a puppy from the breeder you choose.

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