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Black Russian Terrier Temperament

The temperament of the Black Russian Terrier is diversely described from being a gentle giant to a dog that can become aggressive if provoked. They are very intelligent dogs that can differentiate between safety and danger. ​


The Black Russian Terrier was bred to be a guard dog, and their instinct is to guard, and protect. This is in their nature. Their temperament is described as being aloof, and wary of strangers. From the personal experience, I have seen Black Russian Terriers in the conformation ring, when being examined, sometimes can exhibit the “weary of stranger syndrome” towards the examining judge. He may snap at or step away from a judge who, in return, disqualifies the dog because of their natural temperament.


In Russia, the Black Russian Terrier is used in the prison system because of his guarding abilities. Once introduced into a home, the Black Russian Terrier displays his loyalty to his owners. They are gentle, always wanting to be around you guarding, and protecting you. He is an alpha dog that can be stubborn at times, which is why the owner should have a strong personality that illustrate that “no means no, and no does not mean yes”.


It is extremely important that Black Russian Terrier puppies should start obedience training from the age of three months. Owners who do not train their dogs from early age may run into behavioural problems as the dog matures.

American Temperament Test Society Inc. Certicate

Temperamental Testing

Most Breed Kennel Club offers temperamental training. What is temperamental training you may ask? It is a scenario where different simulations, and conditions are given to a dog in order to see how the dog may react. The dog is taken for a walk where the dog is tested for visual, auditory and touching stimuli. The dog is also tested for neutral, friendly, and threatening situations that they may come across in real life.

The Temperamental Testing is explained in detailed at the American Temperament Test Society.

Other Information

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