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Iz Teremka Kennel Black Russians at Cornwall District Kennel Club Show, Ingleside,ON Sep 2nd 2022

We left our base station in Sharbot Lake ON at 5:15 on a very cold morning. The temperature was 8 degrees celsius. We arrived at Ingleside around 7.20 am. When we got there the grounds was wet, the temperature was also 8 degrees celsius, however a cold wind was blowing of the St. Lawrence River making it ever colder. I had forgotten my jackets and Lana had to loan me one of her jackets to wear. It was funny seeing me wear her jacket, but you have to do whatever to make you warm. There was going to be some relief as the weather forecast predicted a high of 28 degrees.

Entered for today's event was It was a father-son team, Bespechnaya Energiya, aka Gordey and his son Zorilla Benjamin Iz Teremka (Bespechnaya Energiya x Femme Fatale Iz Teremka), brother of our Gera. Benji just turned 6 mo and it was his absolute first time in the ring with no previous practice!

(L-R)Zorilla Benjamin Iz Teremka (Benji), Lana, Bespechnaya Energiya (Gordey)

Below, in the video you will find highlights of their events.

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